Usage no npm install needed!

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Required Tools

  • git client
  • node.js and npm installed on windows path
  • in console type "npm install"
  • "gulp" installed globally "npm install --global gulp"
  • IDE installed, WebStorm is preferred, it has 30 day trial to start with


  1. Clone app
  2. Copy config.start.js to config.js (change port 80 to 8200 or something else if you want)
  3. In webstorm go to File > New Project from Existing files and select the newly cloned directory
  4. In webstorm go to Run > Edit Configurations
  5. Create a new node.js config.
  6. Select the root of the project for the Working Directory
  7. Select the /express.js as the JavaScript File 5.Go to http://localhost:80/demo (change port as config.js)