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  import b2f7cba85b3b7129e74b5db7b1a23df from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/6b2f7cba85b3b7129e74b5db7b1a23df';



Module used for data binding between a javascript object (provider) and a string (consumer), saves the synchronized data into a new object.


$ npm install 6b2f7cba85b3b7129e74b5db7b1a23df --save

function dataBind(map, scope)

  • (string) map: The string template, a valid javascript object
  • (object) scope: The data object
  • Object with same format as map parameter or false if an error occurs
  • false if a property is not defined in the scope object and the map string requires it or if the map string has an incorrect syntax


var dataBind = require('6b2f7cba85b3b7129e74b5db7b1a23df')

var map = '{Data: {property1: data.prop}, Other: {propertyN: other.data} }'

var scope = {
    'data': {
        'prop': 'VALUE 1'
    'other': {
        'data': 'VALUE 2'

var result = dataBind(map, scope)

The result variable will contain

    "Data": {
        "property1": "VALUE 1"
    "Other": {
        "propertyN": "VALUE 2"

Other info

Publish package, runs test tasks when the code changes

$ gulp

Unit tests and code coverage tasks

$ gulp test