Scrape data/images from 9GAG website

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<script type="module">
  import gagScraper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/9gag-scraper';



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Scrape data from 9GAG website


npm install 9gag-scraper --save


var gagScraper = require('9gag-scraper')

Scrape data from a 9GAG section

new gagScraper("trending").getGags(function (error, data) {

    console.log(data.count); // Total posts returned
    console.log(data.gags); // posts object ( array of posts )

    console.log(data.gags[0].id); // 9GAG post ID
    console.log(data.gags[0].url); // 9GAG post URL
    console.log(data.gags[0].title); // 9GAG post title
    console.log(data.gags[0].image); // 9GAG post image link


// You can also pass in any valid section you want to scrape from ( Defaults to 'hot' )
new gagScraper("fresh").getGags(function (error, data) {

new gagScraper("meme").getGags(function (error, data) {

NSFW section scraping won't work as it requires users to login to view the content.

To get a random post

new gagScraper().getRandom(function (error, data) {
    console.log(data.id); // 9GAG post ID
    console.log(data.url); // 9GAG post URL
    console.log(data.title); // 9GAG post title
    console.log(data.image); // 9GAG post image link

new gagScraper("random").getGags(function (error, data) {


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