deployer sub-package for Sequence

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  import 0xsequenceDeployer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@0xsequence/deployer';



Deploy contracts using a universal deployer via CREATE2, allowing contracts to have the same address on any EVM chain.

UniversalDeployer works in both Web Browsers and Nodejs.

For more info, see 0xsequence project page.

How to use

  1. yarn add @0xsequence/deployer
  2. Import UniversalDeployer into script
  3. Create UniversalDeployer instance
  4. Deploy contracts

An instance number can be passed if multiple instance of the same contract need to be deployed on the same chain. The default instance number is 0, if none is passed.

import { UniversalDeployer } from '@0xsequence/deployer'

const provider = new Web3Provider(web3.currentProvider)
const universalDeployer = new UniversalDeployer(network.name, provider)

const main = async () => {
  await universalDeployer.deploy('Factory', FactoryFactory)
  await universalDeployer.deploy('MainModuleUpgradable', MainModuleUpgradableFactory)
  await universalDeployer.deploy('GuestModule', GuestModuleFactory)

  prompt.start(`writing deployment information to ${network.name}.json`)
  await universalDeployer.registerDeployment()

  // or, await universalDeployer.getDeployment()



You can also pass transaction parameters explicitly :


const main = async () => {
  await universalDeployer.deploy('WalletFactory', FactoryFactory, {gasLimit: 1000000} )
  await universalDeployer.deploy('MainModuleUpgradable', MainModuleUpgradableFactory, {gasPrice: new BigNumber(10).pow(9)})


License: MIT

Copyright (c) 2018-present Horizon Blockchain Games Inc.