12Core Shareable eslint config

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  import 12coreEslintConfig12core from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@12core/eslint-config-12core';



Node.js CI

A shareable eslint config for 12core projects.


npm i @12core/eslint-config-12core eslint --save-dev

Then create an .eslintrc.json file in the root of your directory:

  "extends": "@12core/eslint-config-12core"

Then run eslint on whatever code you want to lint:

eslint --ext .js esm/

Make the linting step part of your testing script.


@12core/eslint-config-12core bundles standard + standard-jsx with additional consutomizations that work for all of us at little-core-labs.

Because we control the shareable config, the normally peer-dependent eslint plugins are actually included as transient dependencies, so that usage of this config is a lot more convenient (only 2 deps, instead if 5+).


If you would like to make rule changes, please submit a PR with some discussion with rational.

Editor plugins

You should use an editor plugin so that you can see the warnings while working, and take advantage of auto formatting:



Your favorite editor

... please PR notes you have!


If you want to use the standard react plugin, follow these steps:

Install deps

npm i @12core/eslint-config-12core eslint babel-eslint eslint-config-standard-react --save-dev

Create eslint config

Create a .eslintrc.json with the following.

  "parser": "babel-eslint",
  "extends": ["@12core/eslint-config-12core", "standard-react"]

Run eslint

eslint --ext .js esm/