A time input in 00h 00m format.

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<script type="module">
  import 5rabbitsTimeInput from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@5rabbits/time-input';


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A time input in 00h 00m format.


  • Install with yarn add @5rabbits/time-input.
  • Install peer dependencies (if you haven't already) yarn add react@^16.0.0 react-dom@^16.0.0. React 15 is also supported.
  • Use the component:
import TimeInput from '@5rabbits/time-input'

<TimeInput />



prop type default required description
clearable bool true If true the input can be emptied (notifying value null). If false when the user tries to clear the text it will be set to 0.
defaultValue number The initial value in minutes to use as an uncontrolled input.
onChange func Callback that will be invoked when the value changes. The first argument will be the new value in minutes.
value number The value in minutes to use as a controlled input.


  • Run yarn start to start building the library in watch mode.
  • Write stories in the stories/index.js file.
  • Run yarn publish to release a new version.

This project lints and prettifies source files automatically before commiting.