Google Pub/Sub message Capture

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  import 6riverPubcap from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@6river/pubcap';



PubCap is designed to capture messages published to Google Pub/Sub topics.

Install and Setup

Install the component as development dependency:

npm i @sixriver/pubcap -D


Bellow is the typical setup for Mocha framework.

Setup before/after hooks to register topics being listened and the code to cleanup the mess after the tests are over:

const pubcap = new PubCap({


before(async function() {
    await pubcap.listen(pubsub, ['topic1', 'topic2']);

after(async function() {
    await pubcap.close();

Optionally setup beforeEach or afterEach hook to drain messages from the registered topics:

beforeEach(async function() {
    await pubcap.drain();

Access captured messages using PubCap#messages method:

it('should capture messages', async function() {
    const myMessages = await pubcap.messages('my-topic');
    // ...

Getting Raw Pub/Sub messages

Method PubCap#messages by default returns the result of JSON.parse(msg.data.toString()). Use Raw decoder to get raw Pub/Sub messages:

import {PubCap, RAW} from '@6river/pubcap';

const pubcap = new PubCap();
// ...
const messages = await pubcap.messages('my-topic', {decoder: RAW});

Writing your own message decoder

Implement the Decoder interface to get raw messages converted some custom (or typesafe) way.

import {Message} from '@google-cloud/pubsub';
import {Decoder, PubCap} from '@6river/pubcap';

// Suppose we have some message type
interface FooMessage {
    id: string;
    foo: boolean;

// Here is our decoder
class FooDecoder implements Decoder<FooMessage> {
    decode(msg: Message): FooMessage {
        const foo: FooMessage = ...
        return foo;

// now make the decoder and use it
const decoder = new FooDecoder();
const messages = await pubcap.messages('my-topic', {decoder});

Se also

test/pubcap.spec.ts as an example.