84.tools is a collection of helpers for your projects

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84.tools is a collection of helpers for your projects

List of helpers


  • hexToRgb - Convert hexadecimal color string to rgba string
  • rgbToHex - Convert RGB(A) color string to HEX string
  • toObject - Convert RGB(A) or HEX color string to RGBA object


  • destroyVideo - Properly destroy HTMLVideoElement taking care of removing it from memory
  • getIndex - Get index of specific element relative to its parent
  • getURLParameters - Retrieve all URL GET parameters


  • calculatAspectRatioFit - This method calculate the ratio depending of an specified maxWidth & maxHeight
  • clamp - Clamp a value between two bounds
  • closestInArray - Return the closest value|index of an array from a specified value
  • degrees - Convert radians to degrees
  • getPointOnCircle - Method to get a point from a circle and an angle
  • getPointsAngle - Return the angle between 2 points
  • getPointsDist - Return the distance between two points
  • getRandomFloat - Generate a random float between a min and max values
  • getRandomInt - Generate a random int between a min and max values
  • getSlope - Get the slope value from two points
  • prependZeros - This method prepend an amout of 0 to a string|number
  • radians - This method prepend an amout of 0 to a string|number - Convert degrees to radians
  • range - Return a new value linearly interpolate between a new min and max
  • rectHitTest - Check if two rectangle are overlaping

How to use

You can add this project as a dependency in your project.

You can require it or just the methods you need via Browserify.

How to contribute

If you want to add methods to this collection :

  • Each file can contain only one function to export.
  • The function and the file must have the same name.
  • Add your new function to the global category file. For example, if you add a maths helpers, add your file into the maths directory and add require this file into maths.js.
  • In case the category doesn't exists, create the directory of the category and the category file at root. And be sure to require this category file into index.js.
  • Write a bunch of test for your function/method into the tests directory.
  • Commit & Push !