Directory ClientReach

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  import aacDirectory from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aac/directory';


Directory ClientReach

Add this package to your project: npm i @aac/directory

I recommend adding a helper function in your project so that you don't pass configuration everytime you use the function. Configure the directory:

const {Directory} = require('@aac/directory');

const directory = (props = {query: ''}) => {
    const {query = {}} = props;
    return new Directory({
        credentials: {
            api: CLIENTREACH_API_URL,
            username: CLIENTREACH_API_USERNAME,
            password: CLIENTREACH_API_PASSWORD,
        specialty: 'addiction-treatment',
        listings_path: 'local',
        facilities_path: 'listings',
        site_name: 'Project Know',
        phone: '',

Directory Parameters:

Parameter Descriptions Default
pluginPath. null
seed Used for generating the facility profile unique ID in the URL for facility pages.
Ex: EX: /listings/greenhouse-treatment-center-1868084797
Rehabs (2), Recovery (3), Detox (3)
specialty Used for filtering free posts by specialty.
projectknow, detox, drugabuse, recovery, rehab
listings_path Used for generating the city/state url path.
EX: /local/california
facilities_path Used for generating the facility profile url path.
EX: /listings/ greenhouse-treatment-center-1868084797
aac_account_id Used in functions that determine/validate if a facility is AAC or not. There are business compliance cases where we cannot show some data on non-aac facilities. 'cuJjm8Z5'
credentials This object is passed to the ClientReach Class which handles authenticated requests. {username: '', password: ''} null
site_name There are helper functions that have output including the site name. null
phone Each directory has a unique CallRail Phone number associated with it. null
query Currently there are helper functions that determine page type based on query parameters, pass the Express context.query if you need those functions. See Directory.getVars for the list of accepted parameters {}