Early (but lovely) implementation of Vue 3, Bootstrap 5 and Typescript

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BootstrapVue 3 by @AaronDewes

My own attempt at an implementation of Bootstrap 5 for Vue 3 and Typescript

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Why BootstrapVue3?

BootstrapVue3 is an attempt to have BootstrapVue components in Vue3, Bootstrap 5, and typescript. Another goal is to have components written in a simple and readable way.

As you may suppose, this library is heavily inspired by BootstrapVue, as well as the components properties, events, slots, directives, etc. We want to make it that way because we want to have compatibility with BootstrapVue, so it will be easy to switch between libraries.

Contribute & support 🙌

This project is still in alpha version so there is a lot of work to do. If you want to contribute you can:

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Released under the MIT Licence. Copyright (c) BootstrapVue3.