React Foldable is a set of components that helps you work with multi-screen and foldable displays

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React-Foldable is a set of components and React hooks that make it easier to work with foldable displays, such as the Surface Duo.


There are two core components, Foldable and FoldableScreen.



This component is intended to enclose a whole application, or the whole of the application that needs to be foldable-aware. It contains the logic to connect with all the media queries and JavaScript APIs then expose that information via a React context.


  <FoldableScreen matchScreen={0} component={FirstScreen} />
  <FoldableScreen matchScreen={1} component={SecondScreen} />

This component will determine whether or not to show the component provided, depending on whether the matchScreen number matches a visible screen.


There are four hooks available. Note: with the exception of the context hook, you don't need to be within a <Foldable> component to use these hooks.


This returns a boolean value that indicates whether the display is in dual-screen mode or not.


This returns the span mode for the current display, using the TypeScript enum ScreenSpanning:

enum ScreenSpanning {
  Vertical = "single-fold-vertical",
  Horizontal = "single-fold-horizontal",
  Unknown = "unknown",

The value of unknown is used if the device is not a foldable, or not in foldable mode.


This returns an array of DOMRect that contains the dimensions of the visible screens. In a non-foldable device, it will have one element, in a foldable/multi-screen device, it will return an item for each screen, counting from top-left.


This provides access to the React context that exposes the information from each of the hooks, should you prefer to access it via context rather than the hooks directly.