Alethio Explorer core plugin that fetches data via Memento

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  import abancuExplorerPluginEthMemento from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@abancu/explorer-plugin-eth-memento';



Alethio Explorer plugin that fetches data from Memento. Mainly used- by ethereum-lite-explorer. Works together with the @alethio/explorer-plugin-eth-common core plugin.

See cms-plugin-tool for install instructions.


The structure of the config object is described here.

See config.sample.json for an example.

Refer to pages.sample.json for a pages structure example. The example contains only the account page with the usage of the only module exported by this plugin.

Exported entities


Page URI Created context shape Module slots Description Implementation
page://aleth.io/uncle { uncleHash } content Uncle details page unclePage
page://aleth.io/dashboard {} content Main dashboard page dashboardPage


Context URI Generated context shape Placed in context Description Implementation
context://aleth.io/memento/tx/parentBlock { txHash, blockNumber } { txHash } Adds the parent block to the current TX context txParentBlockContext


Module URI Context shape Module slots Description Implementation
module://aleth.io/memento/block/basic { blockNumber } confirmations Block basic data fields blockBasicModule
module://aleth.io/memento/block/txs { blockNumber } N/A Transactions in given block, in two visualizations (grid and heat map) blockTxsModule
module://aleth.io/memento/block/advanced { blockNumber } extraData Block advanced data fields blockAdvancedModule
module://aleth.io/memento/block/logs-bloom { blockNumber } N/A Block logs bloom blockLogsBloomModule
module://aleth.io/memento/uncle/details { uncleHash } N/A Uncle data fields uncleDetailsModule
module://aleth.io/memento/tx/basic { txHash } blockConfirmations Transaction basic data fields txBasicModule
module://aleth.io/memento/tx/advanced { txHash } N/A Transaction advanced data fields txAdvancedModule
module://aleth.io/memento/tx/summary { txHash } N/A Accordion with log events txSummaryModule
module://aleth.io/memento/tx/payload" { txHash } N/A Decoded tx payload txPayloadModule
module://aleth.io/memento/account/txs { accountHash } N/A Accordion with transactions accountTxsModule
module://aleth.io/memento/account/details { accountHash } N/A Basic account data accountDetailsModule
module://aleth.io/memento/account/contract { accountHash } N/A Contract data (creation code etc.) accountContractModule

Data Adapters

Adapter URI Context shape Return type Description Implementation
adapter://aleth.io/block/basic { blockNumber } IBlockBasicInfo Adapter for basic block data BlockBasicInfoAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/full/block/details { blockNumber } IBlockDetails Provides detailed block data specific to the full explorer BlockDetailsAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/full/uncle/details { uncleHash } IUncleDetails Uncle data fields UncleDetailsAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/prices/latest { blockNumber } undefined The price of ETH in USD at the latest block or undefined if disabled by configuration NullEthPriceAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/memento/tx/details { txHash } ITxDetails Transaction data fields TxDetailsAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/search/v2 {} ISearch Returns a search provider SearchAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/block/latestNo {} number Returns the latest block number on the chain LatestBlockNumberAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/block-range/summary { rangeStart, rangeEnd, blockNumber } Array<IBlockTxCount | undefined> TX counts per block for a range of blocks BlockListAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/block/confirmations { blockNumber } IBlockConfirmations Info about number of confirmations for a given block BlockConfirmationsAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/lite/account/details { accountHash } IAccountDetails Basic account data AccountDetailsAdapter
adapter://aleth.io/lite/account/balance { accountHash } BigNumber Total account balance in ETH AccountBalanceAdapter