A reactive UI for bull queue management library

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import abdattaBullsEye from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@abdatta/bulls-eye';


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A reactive admin panel for monitoring bull queues, using sockets for realtime updates!


npm i -g @abdatta/bulls-eye

Create a json file (say config.json) of the following format having your bull queue configarations.

/* config.json */
    "<some-host-name>": [
            "name": "<queue-name>",
            "url": "<redis-url>(optional)",
            "options": { <bull-queue-options> }
    "<another-host-name>": [


  • <some-host-name> can be any string, helpful for namespacing same named queues from different machines
  • <queue-name>, <redis-url> and {<bull-queue-options>} are the same params that you provide to bull when creating your queue using: new bull(name, url?, options?)

Now simply open the terminal in the directory where your config.json file is and execute:

bulls-eye --config config.json --port 4869

That's it! Now go to localhost:4869 and you can see your jobs and queues! :smile:


  • List of jobs in a queue SS1

  • Details of a particular job SS2