Automated linting and formatting JavaScript code for Able projects, using https://github.com/ableco/eslint-config

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  import ablecoCodingStandardsJavascript from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ableco/coding-standards-javascript';



Automated linting for Able using https://github.com/ableco/eslint-config

How does it work?

@ableco/coding-standards-javascript requires you to run npx coding-standards-javascript in your project's root directory to copy ESLint and Prettier configuration files.

It also installs @arkweid/lefthook to copy a lefthook.yml file to run ESLint and Prettier based on @ableco/eslint-config configuration in a pre-commit stage.

In case any of these configuration files already exists, they should be updated manually to reflect the contents of the ones provided by @ableco/coding-standards-javascript (for example, in case a project already has an ESLint configuration file).


Using yarn:

yarn add @ableco/coding-standards-javascript --dev

Using npm:

npm install @ableco/coding-standards-javascript --save-dev


Run npx coding-standards-javascript and follow the instructions.

It will try to copy the following files:

  • .eslintrc.js
  • .prettierrc.json (or .prettierrc.js or .prettierrc, in that order)
  • lefthook.yml

In case any of these files already exists, it will shows the content of those files in the console's output and let you copy and paste those configurations manually.

For husky users

In case your project already uses husky we recommend you to uninstall it by running:

npm uninstall husky

To remove any git hook previously added by husky.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/ableco/coding-standards-javascript.