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Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import acaelumFluxo from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@acaelum/fluxo';



No installation is really necessary. You can run the bash_scripts/fluxo.sh shell script from here, or symlink it wherever you want. If you want a global fluxo command, you could install this thing with npm or basher. But again, that's not really necessary.

with npm

Yes, you can install this bash program that's not based in Node at all, using npm. Why is a bash program in npm anyway? It's fine. Bits don't judge – as wisely said by isaacs

npm install -g @acaelum/fluxo

with basher

basher install artdiniz/fluxo

Install manually

  1. Clone this repository in any folder of your choice, e.g. ~/the/folder
cd ~/the/folder
git clone https://github.com/artdiniz/fluxo.git
  1. Enable execution permissions for all cloned files:
chmod -R +x ~/the/folder
  1. Create a git alias in ~/.gitconfig pointing to the fluxo bash script file:
  fluxo = !bash ~/the/folder/fluxo/bash_scripts/fluxo


You can run fluxo -- --help for usage info:

 fluxo <show | diff | rebase | doctor>
 fluxo -- <-h|--help>

 $(tput bold)ACTIONS$(tput sgr0)

   -h | --help      Show detailed instructions

 $(tput bold)FLUXO COMMANDS$(tput sgr0)

   <show | s>           Show branches orderes by fluxo
   <diff | d>           Generate code diff files for each fluxo step
   <rebase | r>         Rebase after changing any fluxo previous steps
   <doctor | dr>        Check fluxo health (Are steps synchronized?)

Usage info is available in almost all commands.