File and registry scraper that obtains and stores game achievements, whatever the origin

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Celes is an Open Source file and registry scraper that obtains and stores game achievements, whatever the origin.

Table of Contents

About the project

Celes is a Typescript library that allows other tools to scrap files and registries to obtain user achievements from multiple sources. It includes multiples funcionalities like detecting games, loading schemas and generating a list of unlocked achievements, together with import and export features. It also has a built-in database, which allows it to store local caches than can also be used by other tools of the Achievement Watcher project.

To see the list of compatible sources and platforms, refer to COMPATIBILITY.

Built with

Getting Started


You need NPM to install Celes. If you don't have it, you can download it at https://www.npmjs.com/.


Celes is available at NPM, so you can install it directly from there:

npm install --save @achievement-watcher/celes




import {Celes} from '@achievement-watcher/celes'

The Celes Object

Celes is the main class exported and the one that has to be used principaly. If can be widely configured as presented below:

class Celes {
        achievementWatcherRootPath: string, 
        additionalFoldersToScan?: string[], 
        enabledPlugins?: string[], 
        steamPluginMode?: 0 | 1 | 2, 
        systemLanguage?: string, 
        useOldestUnlockTime?: boolean
    ) {}
Constructor parameters explanation
  • achievementWatcherRootPath: string: Root path of the data folder of the Achievement Watcher project. It should be created in the installation of Achievement Watcher and, usually, it defaults to %APPDATA%/Achievement Watcher. Inside of it, caches and schemas and user stats are stored.
  • additionalFoldersToScan?: string[]: List of folders defined by the user to scan. Used by some plugins to try to scrap achievement data from there.
  • enabledPlugins?: string[]: List of plugin names that have to be used. The plugin names are defined by the name of the files stored under (src/lib/plugins)[src/lib/plugins]. By deafault, all of them are enabled.
  • steamPluginMode?: 0 | 1 | 2: Work mode of the Steam plugin:
    • 0 -> Disabled.
    • 1 -> Enabled. Only Installed games are shown.
    • 2 -> Enabled. All games are shown.
  • systemLanguage?: string: User defined language. Defaults to english.
  • useOldestUnlockTime?: boolean: Method to be used when merging same achievements from different sources. By default, oldest unlock time is used, which means that, under collision, the unlock time stored is the most ancient one.

Celes API

This is the list of public methods available at Celes. An always-updated explanation can be found inside of the src/lib/Celes.ts file. In the case of the NPM package, the detailed explanation should be instead at dist/lib/Celes.d.ts.

async pull(callbackProgress?: (progress: number) => void): Promise<ScrapResult> {};
async load(callbackProgress?: (progress: number) => void): Promise<GameData[]> {};
async export(filePath: string): Promise<void> {};
async import(filePath: string, force?: boolean): Promise<GameData[]> {};
Add Game
async addGame(appId: string, platform: Platform): Promise<void> {};
Remove manually added Game
async removeManuallAddedGame(appId: string, platform: Platform): Promise<void> {};
Unlock Achievement
async unlockAchievement(appId: string, platform: Platform, achievementId: string, unlockTime = 0): Promise<void> {};
Remove Manually Unlocked Achievement
async removeManuallyUnlockedAchievement(appId: string, platform: Platform, achievementId: string): Promise<void> {};
Set Achievement Unlock Time
async setAchievementUnlockTime(appId: string, source: Source, platform: Platform, achievementId: string, 
                               unlockTime: number): Promise<void> {};
Add Game Playtime
async addGamePlaytime(appId: string, platform: Platform, playtime: number, 
                      force?: boolean): Promise<void> {};


Contributions are welcome. See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


Distributed under the GPL-3.0 License. See LICENSE for more information.

Legal Aspects

For legal aspects, see legal.