Higher order event emitter

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  import actionLandSmitten from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@action-land/smitten';



smitten is an action emitter library. It helps emit actions from virtual dom components in an efficient and elegant manner.

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via npm:

$ npm install @action-land/smitten --save


import * as smitten from '@action-land/smitten'

// Logs the `Actions`
const actionListener = action => {

// Creating a new instance
const emitter = smitten.create(actionListener)

// Sample Usage
const component = (emitter) => (
    <button onClick={emitter.of('hello').emit}>Hello</button>
    <button onClick={emitter.of('bye').emit}>Bye</button>

// vNode being returned from the component
const vNode = component(emitter)

On clicking on buttons, the actionListener logs the following Actions —

// Hello
{type: 'hello', value: [ClickEvent]}

// Bye
{type: 'bye', value: [ClickEvent]}

The value in this case is the actual click event.


Smitten converts DOM Events into an Action. An Action has two properties —

  • type : Its a string|number identifier which depicts the originator of event. For example — if an event is fired from the side navigation, the corresponding Action could have a type as SIDE_NAV.
  • value: Value is the payload that needs to be transmitted via the Action. In most cases it would be the DOM event. In some cases the value it self could be an Action. This is especially useful when the nesting of components is really deep and one would like to namespace actions based on the hierarchy of components.



This is the constructor function for creating the action emitter. It takes in a single listener and returns an instance of Smitten.


import * as smitten from '@action-land/smitten'

const actionListener = event => {
  // do something with that event

const emitter = smitten.create(actionListener) // returns a Smitten


It takes in a type which is of type string|number and returns a new instance of Smitten. For Eg:

import * as smitten from '@action-land/smitten'

const h0 = smitten.create(listener)
const h1 = h0


It is available on all Smitten instances. It takes in any value and based on the type it dispatches an action.