Storage based on Map that may hold more than one unique value per key using Set's.

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  import actualwaveMapOfSets from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actualwave/map-of-sets';


# Map of Set's

Simple data storage that may hold multiple unique values per key.

  Map {
    [key1]: Set[value1, value2, value3],
    [key2]: Set[value1, value2, value3],
    [key3]: Set[value1, value2, value3],



npm install @actualwave/map-of-sets --save

Or Yarn

yarn add @actualwave/map-of-sets

How to use

Create an instance by instantiating class

import MapOfSets from '@actualwave/map-of-sets';

const sets = new MapOfSets();
sets.add('key', 'value 1');
sets.add('key', 'value 2');
sets.add('key', 'value 3');
sets.add('key', 'value 2');
sets.add('key', 'value 2');

console.log(sets.get()); // Set[ 'value 1', 'value 2', 'value 3' ]


  • has(key) -- Check if key exists and its Set is not empty
  • hasValue(key, value) -- Check if value exists for key
  • get(key) -- Get Set of values for key
  • list(key) -- List values for key, returns empty array if no key nor values stored
  • forEach(callback) -- Call callback function for each value of each key
  • eachValue(key, callback) -- Call callback function for each value of specified key
  • add(key, value) -- Add to new value to key
  • set(key, values) -- Replace all values for key
  • remove(key) -- Remove all values for key
  • removeValue(key, value) -- Remove single value from key
  • clone() -- Clone all key-value stores

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