Acuris eslint shareable configuration

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Shared Acuris eslint configuration and code quality tooling.

initialize your project

The simplest and preferred way to initialise your project is to run in your project folder this command:

npx @acuris/eslint-config@latest --init

This will start an interactive initialisation script that will setup everything you need, including packages installation.

if you install new packages after initializing a project (for example, jest or typescript), you may want to run acuris-eslint --init again to add additional dependencies.

update @acuris/eslint-config

Once installed, you can update to the latest version (including dependencies) executing

acuris-eslint --init

lint your entire project

You can lint your entire project running


You can fix the formatting for your entire project running

acuris-eslint --fix

You can also pass glob paths, folders or sinngle files to lint.

acuris-eslint hello.js myFolder

For mor help on the list of available options and commands, run

acuris-eslint --help

Note: If PATH does not resolve node binaries in node_modules/.bin, you can prepend all commands with npx.

project configuration

You can add acuris-eslint in package.json root to pass additional options.

  name: 'my-package',

  // ...

  "acuris-eslint": {
     * Override patterns used to apply different eslint rules.
    filePatterns: {
      /** patterns that should be prettified when running --fix, but not validated using eslint parsers */
      prettier: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean },

      /** mjs module patterns */
      mjs: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean },

      /** .ts, .tsx patterns */
      typescript: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean },

      /** .d.ts patterns */
      typescriptDefinition: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean },

      /** binary script patterns */
      bin: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean },

      /** scripts pattern, similar to bin*/
      scripts: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean },

      /** server side code patterns */
      server: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean },

      /** dist folder patterns (less stringent rules) */
      dist: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean },

      /** test files patterns */
      tests: string[] | { [pattern: string]: boolean }

     * The path of the eslintrc file to load when running acuris-eslint command
     * Can be overridden by command line option '--config'
    eslintrc: string,
     * Enables or disable eslint cache when running acuris-eslint command.
     * Can be overridden by command line option '--cache' or '--no-cache'
    eslintCache: boolean,
     * Changes the path of eslint cache when running acuris-eslint command.
     * By default is `.eslintcache`
     * Can be overridden by command line option '--cache-location'
    eslintCacheLocation: string,
     * The warnigns and errors output format when running acuris-eslint command.
     * By default is `stylish`.
     * Can be overridden by command line option '--format'
    eslintOutputFormat: string,

     * The react version to use for react eslint plugin.
    reactVersion: string,

     * A custom path for the `tsconfig.json` configuration when using typescript.
     * By default, the first tsconfig.json in the current folder or parent folders is used.
    tsConfigPath: string,

     * The list of packages to disable when initializing a project or running eslint.
     * For example, ['typescript', 'react', 'eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y'] disables typescript, react and jsx-a11y.
    ignoredPackages: string[] | { [packageName: string]: boolean },

      * Additional node_modules paths to use when resolving eslint plugins or configurations.
    nodeResolvePaths: string[] | { [path: string]: boolean },


  • v.0.1.1
    • acuris-eslint now supports prettify all supported files, not only JS and TS. Uses thread workers to use free CPUs for prettify.
    • load extensions by overrides
    • add supports for .files, now they get linted
    • options --lint-staged and --ignore-unknown-extensions will skip file with extensions not supported when processing a list of files.
    • eslint 7.0.0, typesript 3.9
    • performance improvements and asynchronous write during fixing