A client for Adamite services.

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  import adamiteRelayClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adamite/relay-client';


Relay allows the Adamite client SDK to communicate with Adamite services over a standard WebSocket interface.

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This package is internal to Adamite, so if you just want to use Adamite, we suggest reading our Getting Started guide instead.


yarn add @adamite/relay-client

Quick Start

Start a client...

const { adamite } = require("@adamite/sdk");
const relay = require("@adamite/relay-client");
const client = relay(adamite(), { service: "database" });


You can find the Adamite documentation on our website.

For a quick overview of Adamite, check out the getting started guide.

About Adamite

Adamite is an open source, self host-able, platform as a service.

  • Get up and running quickly: Adamite lets you develop your apps without worrying about a back end.

  • Database, Authentication, and Functions: Adamite provides a set of core services required by most applications, and gives you the power to add more to fit your needs.

  • Scale with Adamite: You're in control of your Adamite instance, and can customize it to fit your needs, even beyond an initial MVP.


Adamite is open source and welcomes contributions. For more information, read our Contribution Guide.


Adamite is MIT licensed.