ADempiere Core Client with base functionality for ADempiere client write in Javascript for gRPC service

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  import adempiereGrpcCoreClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adempiere/grpc-core-client';


ADempiere Core Client for gRPC

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ADempiere Core Client write in Javascript for gRPC service, use it for connect with ADempiere-gRPC-Server.


Using it

# installing via NPM
npm install @adempiere/grpc-core-client --save
# installing via Yarn
yarn add @adempiere/grpc-core-client

Recreate proto stub class (only for contribute to project)

For recreate stub class you must have follow:

Note: You can also install protoc and protoc-gen-grpc-web by going to the repository directory and run the command:

sh install-protoc.sh

When installation is complete, check the version with

protoc --version

After installed it just go to source code folder an run it:

Run Base Data Type gRPC

protoc proto/base_data_type.proto \
--js_out=import_style=commonjs:src/grpc \

Run Core Functionality gRPC

protoc proto/core_functionality.proto \
--js_out=import_style=commonjs:src/grpc \

Or run:

sh generate-stub.sh

The result is generated on: src/grpc folder

  • base_data_type_pb.js
  • core_functionality_grpc_web_pb.js
  • core_functionality_pb.js