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  import adessaNodeWorlds from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adessa-node/worlds';


Worlds App

  1. Why
  2. Commands
  3. How use


Worlds app is a librery oriented to show a catalog of products in the shape of a carousel


  • make init: It will download the project's dependencies and configure git hooks.
  • npm run start: It will start a server on http://localhost:9000 with the code.
  • npm run dev: It will start compiling the code on dev mode and it will be looking for new changes.
  • npm run lint: It will run the lint rules on the project.
  • npm run test: It will run the unit tests + it's going to show the current code coverage of the project.
  • make build: It will create the build meant for production ready lib.

How use

To use this project, the following are required:


<!-- ... -->
  <!-- ... -->
    var configuration = {...}
  <script src="path/of/statics/js/app.js" defer></script>
  <!-- ... -->
  <section id="app"></section>
  <!-- ... -->
<!-- ... -->


<Worlds configuration={configuration} />;

The configuration should be as follows:

  • id <string>: id of configuration. default ''
  • name <string>: name of configuration. default ''
  • zoneKey <string>: zoneKey of configuration. default ''
  • cartridgeId <string>: identifier for endeca. default ''
  • dynamicData <object>: data configured in endeca
    • endPoint <string>: endpoint for get information of world by id.
    • worlds <arrayOf(<object>)>: array of world object.
      • id <string>: id of world
      • name <string>: name of world
      • activeIconUrl <string>: url of active icon
      • passiveIconUrl <string>: url of deactive icon
      • mDetailDebugInfo <bool>: debugger mod. default false
      • mComponentFieldDataConfigDomId <string>:
      • mTrackDTODetail <bool>: track dto detail. default true
  • rawZoneKey <string>: name of the zone
  • type <string>: type of component. dafault html
  • key <string>: key for find in endeca