Adobe I/O Console CLI library

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Adobe I/O Lib CLI Console

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A library providing command line primitives to interract with the Adobe Developer Console.

Install & Usage

Note: This module is not intented for usage on its own, it should be used only by Adobe I/O CLI plugins.

  • npm install @adobe/aio-cli-lib-console
const LibConsoleCLI = require('@adobe/aio-cli-lib-console')
const consoleCLI = await LibConsoleCLI.init({ accessToken, env, apiKey: CONSOLE_API_KEYS[env] })

// select a Console Organization
const organizations = await consoleCLI.getOrganizations()
const org = await consoleCLI.promptForSelectOrganization(organizations)

// create a Console App Builder Project
const projectDetails = await consoleCLI.promptForCreateProjectDetails()
const project = await consoleCLI.createProject(org.id, projectDetails)

// add services to a selected Workspace, will create a new entp integration if there is none
const workspaces = await consoleCLI.getWorkspaces(org.id, project.id)
const workspace = await consoleCLI.promptForSelectWorkspace(workspaces)
const services = await consoleCLI.promptForSelectServiceProperties(workspace.name)
await consoleCLI.subscribeToServices(


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.