Dependency manager and ioc container for your next NodeJs application

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AdonisJs Fold 🚀

Dependency manager and IoC container for Node.js

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Fold is a dependency manager for Node.js used by AdonisJs framework. Below is the list of features.


  1. Support for binding dependencies with unique namespaces.
  2. Autoloading multiple directories under a namespace.
  3. Defining aliases for bindings.
  4. Automatic resolution of namespaces and transparent dependency injection.
  5. Support for fakes when writing tests.
  6. Support for service providers, to bind dependencies in structured way.


You can install the package from npm.

npm i --save adonis-fold

Basic Usage

const { ioc } = require('adonis-fold')

class Foo {

ioc.bind('App/Foo', function () {
  return new Foo()

const foo = ioc.use('App/Foo')
// return Foo class instance

ioc.with('App/Foo', (Foo) => {
  // Only if App/Foo exists

Simple enough! But we do not see the real power of the Ioc container, since we can instantiate the class manually too. Right? NO

Here are the following benefits.

  1. The author of the Foo class can decide how to instantiate the class and return a properly configured instance, instead of leaving it to the consumer.

  2. While you are making use of the Ioc container, one binding can be dependent upon others, without much work. For example

class Foo {
  constructor (config) {

ioc.bind('App/Foo', function (app) {
  const config = app.use('App/Config')
  return new Foo(config)

const foo = ioc.use('App/Foo')

This time, we injected App/Config behind the scenes and the consumer of the Foo class won't have to worry about passing the config manually.

Moving Forward

Checkout the official documentation at the AdonisJs website for more info.


Tests are written using japa. Run the following commands to run tests.

npm run test:local

# report coverage
npm run test

# on windows
npm run test:win

Release History

Checkout CHANGELOG.md file for release history.


AdonisJs – @adonisframework – virk@adonisjs.com

Checkout LICENSE.txt for license information

Harminder Virk (Aman) - https://github.com/thetutlage