Electron library to read or set session cookies for Advanced REST Client

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  import advancedRestClientElectronSessionState from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@advanced-rest-client/electron-session-state';


ARC electron session state management

A library to manage session data in ARC electron.


$ npm i @advanced-rest-client/electron-session-state@latest

Main process

const {app} = require('electron');
app.on('ready', () => {
  const {SessionManager} = require('@advanced-rest-client/electron-session-state/main');
  const instance = new SessionManager();

The listen() function adds listeners to main ipc:

  • cookies-session
  • open-web-url

cookie-session event must have action property on the first argument. It can be get, set, or remove. See main/session-manager.js for details.

open-web-url event creates a browser window with the same storage area as the session management. The user can log in to a web service using this window and all cookies will become available to the request object.

Renderer process

const {CookieBridge} = require('@advanced-rest-client/electron-session-state/renderer');
const instance = new CookieBridge();

It handles the following events:

  • session-cookie-list-all
  • session-cookie-list-domain
  • session-cookie-remove
  • session-cookie-update
  • before-request
  • response-ready