Service for working with Aggregion bundles

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  import aggregionAggBundleService from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aggregion/agg-bundle-service';


Aggregion bundle management library

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This library can create, unpack, encrypt and decrypt bundles used in Aggregion.

Support creating from:

  • Directory
  • PDF-file
  • ePub book
  • ZIP-archive
  • Another bundle (ZIP or binary)
  • Any single file

Supported bundles:

  • Aggregion binary bundles (with encryption support)
  • Aggregion ZIP-bundles


npm install git+ssh://git@stash.aggregion.com:7999/bck/bundle-service-js.git --save


  • MuPDF tools - needed if you use rendering features

To install on Ubuntu use the following command:

sudo apt-get install mupdf-tools


Service automatically resolves types of input and output by file extension or if passed path is a directory. So, supported extensions are:

  • .epub - ePub book. Only read stream is supported
  • .zip - ZIP-archives. Read and write streams are supported
  • .aggregion - Old Aggregion ZIP-bundle. Read and write streams are supported
  • .agb - Aggregion binary bundle. Read and write streams are supported
  • .pdf (and any other single file) - Only read stream is supported
const BundleService = require('agg-bundle-service');

// Create read stream

let readStream = BundleService.createReadStream({path: '/path/to/any/file/or/directory/example.epub'});

// Create write stream

let writeStream = BundleService.createWriteStream({path: '/path/to/any/file/example.agb', info: {someInfoToMix: 'info'}});

// Pipe one to another


// Waiting for finish

writeStream.on('finish', () => {

// Encrypt

let encryptor = BundleService.createEncryptor(new Buffer(16));


// Decrypt

let decryptor = BundleService.createDecryptor(new Buffer(16));


// Render

let rendererStream = BundleService.createRenderer({path: 'path/to/render.pdf', pages: [1, 2, '3-10']});


// Get source bundle info

readStream.on('ready', () => {
    let info = readStream.getInfo();
    let props = readStream.getProps();
    let filesList = readStream.getFiles();
    let filesCount = readStream.getFilesCount();

Console usage

Print help

makebundle --help

Make bundle

makebundle -i path/to/index/file -o /path/to/output /path/to/input/file/or/directory

Run tests

Run test without rendering features:

npm test

Run test with rendering features:

WITH_RENDERER=1 npm test


All rights reserved by Aggregion Ltd. Any use is only permitted with the consent of Aggregion.


For any questions: info@aggregion.com