UI components for react app

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<script type="module">
  import ags1773UiComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ags1773/ui-components';


Sample UI library exporting styled react components. Sandbox for learning how to export libraries using webpack


  • locked css-loader to v3.x.x because of this issue. Took awfully long to debug this!

Extract CSS:

With the current setup, CSS is being extracted separately using the MiniCssExtractPlugin

import { Basket } from "../../../ui-components/dist/basket"; // Basked component named import. Default will also work
import "../../../ui-components/dist/basket/styles.css"; // styles for basket component, exported separately
import Image from "../../../ui-components/dist/image"; // Image component default import. Named will also work
import "../../../ui-components/dist/image/styles.css"; // styles for image component, exported separately

// *** OR, import all the components and their styles ***
import { Basket, Image } from "../../../ui-components/dist/all";
import "../../../ui-components/dist/all/styles.css";