Scaffold a js or ts project

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  import ahdesignsJsGen from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ahdesigns/js-gen';


Js Gen npm (scoped) Coding time tracker

Javascript/ Typescript boilerplate generator for node and/or react projects.


$ npm i -g create-react-app
$ npm i -g @ahdesigns/js-gen


# navigate to the parent directory where you want your project to live, e.g:
$ cd ~/dev

# run the generator command:
$ js-gen

# follow the prompts (including giving your project a name)
# once complete, you can cd into your newly created project directory, e.g:
$ cd ~/dev/name-of-project


Inspired by create react app, quickly generate the boilerplate to run a typescript or javascript project with a slightly opinionated setup including:

  • eslint (with optional typescript support)
  • prettier
  • jest (with ts-jest for typescript)
  • tsconfig
  • create-react-app for react projects