Plugin for the Canvas LMS theme app that adds a disclaimer on the gradebook page

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<script type="module">
  import ahsdileCanvasLmsGradebookDisclaimerPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ahsdile/canvas-lms-gradebook-disclaimer-plugin';


Canvas LMS Course Gradebook Disclaimer Plug-in

Plugin for the Canvas LMS theme app that adds a disclaimer on the gradebook page.


Using NPM:

npm install @ahsdile/canvas-lms-gradebook-disclaimer-plugin

Using Yarn:

yarn add @ahsdile/canvas-lms-gradebook-disclaimer-plugin


Just import the plug-in and add it to the Canvas app:

import canvas from '@ahsdile/canvas-lms-app';
import gradebookDisclaimerPlugin from '@ahsdile/canvas-lms-gradebook-disclaimer-plugin';

canvas.addPlugin(gradebookDisclaimerPlugin, {
    message: 'This is a disclaimer!'


You can also create a new local plug-in and extend the gradebook disclaimer:

import gradebookDisclaimerPlugin from '@ahsdile/canvas-lms-gradebook-disclaimer-plugin';

export default function (app) {
    gradebookDisclaimerPlugin(app, {
        message: 'Canvas marks that count as final grade are indicative partial grades.',
        modalTitle: 'Indicative partial grade',
        modalText: `
                <p>An indicative partial grade is a grade that indicates the extent to which the student has acquired competences of a course unit or parts thereof. The indicative partial grade is preliminary data with a view to support, remediation opportunities and promoting the study progress.</p>
                    <cite>&mdash; <a href="https://example.org/student/studycontract.pdf">
                        Student Study Contract</a></cite>

Then import it like this:

import myDisclaimerPlugin from './plugins/myDisclaimerPlugin';


  • message: The message to appear in the flash box.
  • modalLink: [optional] The label of the link that will open the modal window.
  • modalTitle: [optional] The title of the modal window.
  • modalText: [optional] The text in the body of the modal window.


This plug-in uses React so if you intend to modify the source, it has to be compiled into JavaScript:

npm run build


yarn build

Note: If you are just using the plug-in it will automatically use the compiled scripts in the dist folder