Plugin for the Canvas LMS theme app that lets you reorder your courses on the dashboard

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  import ahsdileCanvasLmsReorderDashboardCoursesPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ahsdile/canvas-lms-reorder-dashboard-courses-plugin';


Canvas LMS Reorder Dashboard Courses Plug-in

Plugin for the Canvas LMS theme app that lets you reorder your courses on the dashboard.

:warning: DEPRECATED :warning:

Canvas has finally added this functionality in their beta release and will push it to the production environment on December 8th. This plug-in will then become obsolete.

The new API for this has been available for quite some time but had no effect an had a warning that it was not finalized yet. For that reason, this plug-in saves its data via the Canvas custom_data API instead of the dashboard_positions API. Removing this plug-in from your script will NOT remove the old data from Canvas. Therefore I've created two versions of the scripts that will gradually delete this data as users log in to their dashboard.


This last regular version will keep working and will override the native drag-and-drop behavior when it is released. Everything stays the same for the users.


This version will try to read the custom_data API and if data exists, will delete it and save it to the new dashboard_positions API. Drag-and-drop will still be handled by this plug-in even when the native functionality becomes available.


With this version the native functionality becomes active and drag-and-drop will no longer be handled by this plug-in. However, it will keep trying to delete data from the custom_data API.


Using NPM:

npm install @ahsdile/canvas-lms-reorder-dashboard-courses-plugin

Using Yarn:

yarn add @ahsdile/canvas-lms-reorder-dashboard-courses-plugin


Just import the plug-in and add it to the Canvas app:

import canvas from '@ahsdile/canvas-lms-app';
import reorderDashboardCoursesPlugin from '@ahsdile/canvas-lms-reorder-dashboard-courses-plugin';