Check providen network or ips if a given port is open or not

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import ajesus37NodePortcheck from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ajesus37/node-portcheck';



node cli tool to check if a given port is open on a host or network


To get the final binaries, I'm using the nexe tool. You can install it with npm install -g nexe (may required administrative rights). To build, issue the following commands:

cd <path_to_project>
npm install --no-bin-links
nexe -r node_modules -t <platform>-<arch>-12.14.1 -o <name_to_output>

The value of <platform> can be win, linux or macos/darwing (in the last, arch not required).

The value of <arch> can be either x86 or x64.

if you're on a Linux box and wish to build for all 3 platforms, just run: npm run build. The binaries will be stored in the builds/ folder. (requires nvm)