Package for generating boilerplated code

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  import akomkovGeneratorReact from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@akomkov/generator-react';



Package that allow to generate boilerplate code for react projects.


npm i --save-dev yo @akomkov/generator-react

Creating the app:

npx @akomkov/generator-react [app-name] && cd [app-name] && npx yo @akomkov/react

Running any sub-generator:

npx yo @akomkov/react:[sub-generator-name]

Existed sub-generators

There are some generators for internal application's parts:

  • feature - Sub-generator for feature. Creates base routes, page examples.
  • entity - Sub-generator for creating redux entity with sagas, selectors, actions and reducer.
  • component - Sub-generator for creating react component. Creates separated view and controller parts.
  • form - Sub-generator for creating form component. Creates separated view and controller parts.
  • route - Sub-generator for creating the route. Creates injected path and Link component.
  • page - Sub-generator for creating the page (only pages should handle routes). Routes should be handle only by pages.
  • guard - Generates guard components and its connect base.
  • connected-component - Generates connected version of some component inside pages/{Page}/components directory.

Every generator needs name argument to generates content:

                              name argument
npx yo @akomkov/react:feature FeatureName
                    sub-generator's name

Also every generator allows you to use self in next ways:

# creates PROJECT_ROOT/src/components/MyComponent
npx yo @akomkov/react:component MyComponent

# creates PROJECT_ROOT/src/features/Deep/features/Nested/components/MyComponent
npx yo @akomkov/react:component Deep/Nested/MyComponent

# creates PROJECT_ROOT/my_source_root/MyComponent
npx yo @akomkov/react:component MyComponent --source-root=my_source_root

# generates plain js without flow-types
npx yo @akomkov/react:component MyComponent --no-flow

# generates component without unit tests
npx yo @akomkov/react:component MyComponent --no-unit

# generates component without stories
npx yo @akomkov/react:component MyComponent --no-stories

# displays help for generator
npx yo @akomkov/react:component --help