A client for interacting with the Alert Logic Vulnerabilities Public API

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import alVulnerabilities from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@al/vulnerabilities';



A client for working with the Vulnerabilities Alert Logic API.


  npm install @al/vulnerabilities --save


  var VulnerabilitiesClient = require('@al/vulnerabilities').AlVulnerabilitiesClient; //commonjs - e.g. node
  import { AlVulnerabilitiesClient } from '@al/vulnerabilities'; //ES2015 - e.g. Angular, TS projects

Get Remediation

AlVulnerabilitiesClient.getRemediation(accountId, remediationId)
  accountId: '1234'
  remediationId: '1234' 


Loads the library into memory and stays in an interactive node shell.

  npm run interactive

NOTE - You must build the sources before running this command, see Building section below


  npm test


The sources are written in Typescript and follow the tslint airbnb style.


To generate a production build

npm run build

To generate a development build

npm run build-dev

Builds will be be generated into a dist folder and will contain commonjs and umd bundles that will be consumed depending on the module system in whichever environment you are using.