a router for instantsearch made for paths

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<script type="module">
  import algoliaInstantsearchPatternRouter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@algolia/instantsearch-pattern-router';



A router for instantsearch which allows simple URLs to be written in the path! Compatible with:

  • InstantSearch.js v3+
  • Vue InstantSearch v2+
  • Angular InstantSearch v2+
// either via import:
import { patternRouter, windowEnvironment } from 'instantsearch-pattern-router';
// or via umd:
const { patternRouter, windowEnvironment } = window.instantsearchPatternRouter;

  routing: {
    router: patternRouter({
      pattern: '/search/:hierarchy*/c/category?',
      environment: windowEnvironment,
      // optional
      windowTitle: ({ category }) => `My Site Search — ${category}`,
      writeDelay: 400,
    // required to flatten to one level
    stateMapping: myFlattenMapping,


Pattern string

A pattern is a string of segments, more detailed examples can be found on the path-to-regexp documentation.

Environment object

Environment is an option to make this package usable in the browser, but also in other environments, like server-side rendering. The keys that are expected are:

type Environment = {
  read: () => URL;
  pushState: History['pushState'];
  events?: {
      type: 'popstate',
      listener: (this: Window, ev: PopStateEvent) => any
    ): void;
      type: 'popstate',
      listener: (this: Window, ev: PopStateEvent) => any
    ): void;
  setTitle?: (title?: string) => void;

title function (optional)

A function that retrieves the current RouteState object

writeDelay number (optional)

The number of ms to debounce writing to the URL to maintain performance (writing on every keystroke slows down a site considerably). Default is 500ms.