Helps running Playwright tests on Silverback setups.

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  import amazeelabsSilverbackPlaywright from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@amazeelabs/silverback-playwright';


Silverback Playwright

Playwright tests runner for Silverback setups.

At the moment it can be used only with Silverback monorepo packages.


In your package:

  • Add this package with yarn add @amazeelabs/silverback-playwright --dev
  • Add test-results to .gitignore
  • Create playwright-tests directory
    • Create config.json (see Config type in src/types/ts)
    • Create some test files following *.spec.ts name pattern
  • Run yarn sp-test

(Consider making tests a separate package. In this case you can depend it on several other packages without ruining their dependencies.)

Example test


import {
} from '@amazeelabs/silverback-playwright';
import { expect, test } from '@playwright/test';

test.beforeAll(async () => {
  await resetState();

test('@gatsby-both test gatsby', async ({ page }) => {
  await drupalLogin(page);
  await page.goto(`${drupal.baseUrl}/en/node/add/page`);
  // Do stuff in Drupal, e.g. create a new page.
  await drupalLogout(page);

  await waitForGatsby();

  await page.goto(`${gatsby.baseUrl}/en/my-page`);
  // Check changes on Gatsby side.

test('@drupal-only test drupal', async ({ page }) => {
  // Here we only have Drupal.

For more examples see packages/tests/silverback-iframe.

Test types

The runner will run tests in different modes. Each mode has own context.

  • drupal-only has Drupal started
  • gatsby-develop has Drupal and gatsby develop started
  • gatsby-build has Drupal and Gatsby Fast Builds started

Test tags

You can add these tags to the test names to run them in desired test modes: @drupal-only, @gatsby-develop, @gatsby-build, @gatsby-both.

Tests marked with @gatsby-both will be executed in both gatsby-develop and @gatsby-build modes.

Exports to use in tests

  • resetState restored the Drupal/Gatsby state. It can be added to beforeAll or beforeEach hooks. It MUST be called at least once.
  • waitForGatsby will resolve once Gatsby is updated with recent Drupal changes.
  • drupalLogin and drupalLogout use test_session to set the auth state.
  • drupal and gatsby provide various constants (ports, URLs, credentials, etc.)

Debugging tests

There are few options.

To debug a particular test

Mark it with .only and use page.pause()

test.only('my test', async ({ page }) => {
  // ...
  await page.pause();
  // ...

Run the tests with --headed (-h) and --re-run (-r) flags.

To see all logs

Start tests with --verbose (-v) flag.

This will print

  • executed commands
  • Gatsby and Drupal logs
  • debug messages from the test runner


Sometimes it can happen that a test works in the headed mode, but fails in the headless one. Traces help a lot here.

To record traces, run the tests with --trace (-t) flag.

To see the traces, go to your package dir and run

yarn playwright show-trace ./test-results/path/to/trace.zip


To speedup tests, Drupal state is restored from the test snapshot. If you did some Drupal changes, remove apps/silverback-drupal/.silverback-snapshots/test.