Arco Vue Scripts

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  import arcoDesignArcoVueScripts from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@arco-design/arco-vue-scripts';


Arco Vue Scripts

A collection of commands used in the Arco Design Vue component library


npm install @arco-design/arco-vue-scripts


Run arco-vue-scripts --help to see all available commands and options.

  • arco-vue-scripts docgen: generate document of component.
  • arco-vue-scripts icongen: generate icon components.
  • arco-vue-scripts lessgen: generate index less file.
  • arco-vue-scripts dtsgen: emit .d.ts files for vue files.
  • arco-vue-scripts dev:component: build components with watch mode.
  • arco-vue-scripts dev:site: start vite server for development.
  • arco-vue-scripts build:component: build production files.
  • arco-vue-scripts build:style: build style related files.
  • arco-vue-scripts build:site: build document site.
  • arco-vue-scripts build:material: build vue material.
  • arco-vue-scripts test: run test for component or material.
  • arco-vue-scripts changelog: Obtain and organize changelog information through the git repository.