A tiny wrapper around svelte-fsm to accommodate my preferences

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  import babichjacobFinite from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@babichjacob/finite';


♾ Finite

This library for Svelte is just a small wrapper around the excellent svelte-fsm with small design tweaks to my taste.

💻 Installation

npm install --save-dev @babichjacob/finite

🛠 Usage

Import the finite state machine creating function from @babichjacob/finite and use it just like svelte-fsm, except with the additional __auto helper and implicitly use the first state listed as the initial one:

  import finite from "@babichjacob/finite";

  /** @param {number} ms */
  const wait = (ms) => new Promise((resolve) => setTimeout(resolve, ms));

  const traffic = finite({
    green: {
      async __auto() {
        await wait(5_000);
        return "yellow";

    yellow: {
      async __auto() {
        await wait(2_000);
        return "red";

    red: {
      async __auto() {
        await wait(5_000);
        return "green";

<div style:background-color={$traffic}>{$traffic}</div>

😵 Help! I have a question

Create an issue and I'll try to help.

😡 Fix! There is something that needs improvement

Create an issue or pull request and I'll try to fix.

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🙏 Attribution

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