Eaton Branding colors for Eaton applications

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<script type="module">
  import brightlayerUiColorsBranding from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@brightlayer-ui/colors-branding';


Branding Colors Colors

This package contains branding color definitions. These are intended for use in supplemental materials (e.g., charting), but not as primary UI colors.

It contains the following color definitions:



Install with npm

npm install --save @brightlayer-ui/colors-branding

or yarn

yarn add @brightlayer-ui/colors-branding


Incorporating these colors into your project is handled differently depending on the framework that you are using.

Angular or NativeScript

// in styles.scss or your top-level sass file
@import '~@brightlayer-ui/colors-branding/palette.scss'
background-color: map-get($brand-rust, 500)

React or React Native

import * as Colors from '@brightlayer-ui/colors-branding';
<div style={{background: Colors.rust['500']}}/>