Re-usable react logic for Authentication and Registration within Eaton applications. For use with @brightlayer-ui/react-native-auth-workflow and @brightlayer-ui/react-auth-workflow.

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React Auth Shared

npm (scoped)

The React Auth Shared package provides extracts the common logic shared by @brightlayer-ui/react-native-auth-workflow and @brightlayer-ui/react-auth-workflow. This package must be used in combination with workflow screen definitions (either by using one of the packages above, or by building your own and integrating them yourself).


To install the latest version of this package, run:

npm install --save @brightlayer-ui/react-auth-shared
// or
yarn add @brightlayer-ui/react-auth-shared

You will also need to install all of the peer dependencies. You can get the latest version of them all by running:

npm install --save date-fns@^2.19.0 i18next@^20.1.0 react@^17.0.0 react-i18next@^11.8.11
// or
yarn add date-fns@^2.19.0 i18next@^20.1.0 react@^17.0.0 react-i18next@^11.8.11


We recommend you use the @brightlayer-ui/react-native-auth-workflow or @brightlayer-ui/react-auth-workflow packages, which use this shared logic under the hood. If you want to build your own screens and connect to this shared log, please contact us.


More information about exported objects and functions can found in the API documentation.


To work on this package as a contributor, first clone down the repository:

git clone https://github.com/brightlayer-ui/react-auth-shared
cd react-auth-shared

You can build the library by running:

yarn build

You can run the Lint checks, prettier formatter, typescript validator, and unit tests by running:

yarn validate

You can update the auto-generated licenses.md file by running:

yarn generate:licenses