React themes for Brightlayer UI applications

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  import brightlayerUiReactThemes from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@brightlayer-ui/react-themes';


Brightlayer UI themes for React applications

This package provides theming support for Eaton applications using the Brightlayer UI design system. It includes resources for developers using React w/ Material UI version 4+ (prior versions of this package will work with Material UI version 3 - check the Changelog for details). This package comes with two theme options: a Blue theme (standard) and a Dark theme.

For other frameworks, check out our related packages:


Install with npm

npm install --save @brightlayer-ui/react-themes

or yarn

yarn add @brightlayer-ui/react-themes


To use these themes in your application, simply wrap the app in a ThemeProvider and pass in your desired theme (blue or blueDark). You'll also need to include the Open Sans font resources (included with the themes):

import {
} from '@material-ui/core/styles';
import * as BLUIThemes from '@brightlayer-ui/react-themes';
import "@brightlayer-ui/react-themes/open-sans";
<ThemeProvider theme={createMuiTheme(BLUIThemes.blue)}>
    <App />

Updating From Version 5 ~> 6

In version 6, we have migrated from the deprecated typeface-open-sans package to @fontsource/open-sans (bundled with the Brightlayer UI themes). You'll need to update your Open Sans import references in your root file:




import '@brightlayer-ui/react-themes/open-sans';


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Common Overrides

See the Common Overrides for react themes.