Storybook theme for Brightlayer UI documentation

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  import brightlayerUiStorybookThemes from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@brightlayer-ui/storybook-themes';


Brightlayer UI themes for Storybook applications

This package contains theming support for Storybook applications built using Angular or React. It is primarily used to give these applications a Brightlayer UI look and feel. Integrating this theme into your storybook application will change the appearance of the storybook container and any Markdown notes found within the @storybook/addon-notes add-on.


This theme package depends on @brightlayer-ui/colors and the @storybook/theming add-on. To begin, install all three by running:

yarn add @brightlayer-ui/colors @storybook/theming @brightlayer-ui/storybook-themes


To integrate the theme into your storybook app, add the following code to your config:

import { bluiTheme } from '@brightlayer-ui/storybook-themes';
import { addParameters } from '@storybook/react';

    options: {
        theme: bluiTheme,

For additional help while integrating storybook themes, see the storybook docs.


You can see this theme in action in the documentation for Brightlayer UI component libraries at brightlayer-ui-components.github.io.