Brightlayer UI symbols for Material UI

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  import brightlayerUiSymbolsMui from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@brightlayer-ui/symbols-mui';



Brightlayer UI Symbols for Material-UI

This library contains componentized svg symbols from @brightlayer-ui/symbols for use in React applications using Material UI. The symbols are made available in the same way that Material UI exposes the Material Icons.


To install the Brightlayer UI mui symbols from NPM as a dependency for your project, you can run one of the following commands in your project root:

npm install --save @brightlayer-ui/symbols-mui
yarn add @brightlayer-ui/symbols-mui

NOTE (Peer Dependencies): Using this package requires you to have @material-ui/core and @material-ui/icons defined as dependencies in your project's package.json file.



This package is intended for use only in React applications. For a way to link svg symbols for use in Angular applications, see @brightlayer-ui/symbols.


Once you have installed the npm module, you can import the symbol components into your application as follows:

import mySymbol from '@brightlayer-ui/symbols-mui/MySymbol;

If you are importing multiple symbols, you can save some space by using named imports from the package root:

import {FirstSymbol, SecondSymbol, ThirdSymbol} from '@brightlayer-ui/symbols-mui';

Symbol names are in TitleCase - for a list of available symbols, refer to @brightlayer-ui/symbols or look at our live demo.

Building Symbol Set (for contributors)

To build the symbols set, e.g. when new symbols are added:

yarn install
yarn run svgr


yarn install
yarn run mui