A pure JS library for interacting with geospatial services.

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  import camptocampOgcClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@camptocamp/ogc-client';



A javascript library for interacting with OGC-compliant services

ogc-client is a pure Javascript library which implements several OGC standards and will help you interact with them in a user-friendly and consistent way.

The following standards are partially implemented:

  • WMS - Web Map Service
  • WFS - Web Feature Service

Why no WMTS support? Because openlayers has a incredibly thorough and well-tested WMTS capabilities parser and you should just use it. Reimplementing it in ogc-client currently does not bring any significant value.

TODO: link to demo app on gh-pages

Why use it?

  1. ogc-client will abstract the service version so you don't have to worry about it
  2. ogc-client will handle XML so you only have to deal with native Javascript objects
  3. ogc-client will hide the complexity of OGC standards behind straightforward APIs
  4. ogc-client will run heavy tasks in a worker to avoid blocking the main thread
  5. ogc-client will keep a persistent cache of operations to minimize requests and processing
  6. ogc-client will handle errors in a graceful way and extract relevant messages for you
  7. ogc-client will tell you if a service is not usable for CORS-related issues


To install ogc-client, run:

$ npm install --save @camptocamp/ogc-client

To use, import API symbols like so:

import { WmsEndpoint, WfsEndpoint } from '@camptocamp/ogc-client';

Note: if you want to disable web worker usage, for example to solve issues with the Referer header on outgoing requests, use:

import { enableFallbackWithoutWorker } from '@camptocamp/ogc-client';


All processing will be done on the main thread after this call, including HTTP requests.




A provided application containing the documentation and demo is located in the app folder. To start it locally, clone the repository and run the following commands:

$ cd app
$ npm install
$ npm run serve

The app is based on Vue.js 2 and will showcase most features implemented in the library. You will need to supply it with valid OGC service urls.