JSON Schema for (Zeebe) Element Templates

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  import camundaZeebeElementTemplatesJsonSchema from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@camunda/zeebe-element-templates-json-schema';



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JSON Schema for (Zeebe) Element Templates. The schema is built on top of and validated by json-schema@draft-07.


Set the $schema attribute to reference the JSON Schema definition.

  "$schema": "https://unpkg.com/@camunda/zeebe-element-templates-json-schema/resources/schema.json",
  "name": "My Service Worker",
  "id": "com.example.ServiceWorker",
  "appliesTo": [ "bpmn:ServiceTask" ],
  "properties": []

You can also use a specific version.

"$schema": "https://unpkg.com/@camunda/zeebe-element-templates-json-schema@0.1.0/resources/schema.json"

Build and Run

Prepare the project by installing all dependencies:

npm install

Bundle the source schema files together

npm run build

Execute the following command to run the generated schema against the tests

npm run test