Tools and utilities for R&G + D&L item processing.

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Tools and utilities for R&G + D&L item ID and Category processing.

ID Processing

  • getItemIdParts(itemId) Parsing of item id into an object { patternId, colorId, otherId, invalidId: Boolean }
  • String must start with a valid patternId or it will not be processed.
  • Pattern numbers over 9 are allowed. Pattern must have three or more letter chars.
  • Double colorId will be turned into 01|02. Able to parse as 01/02, 01_02, or 01-02. Will mark as invalidId if used _ or /.
  • DL patternId prefix can have hyphen or not. Does not force to have or not.
  • otherId is joined with underscore.
  • hasValidIdChars() uses a regex expression to check if the id is in a known format.

Category Processing

  • getCategoryFromPattern({ categories: { drapery: {patternIds: ['id1']}}})(item) Establishing category. Item needs patternId and optionally a category field.