wallet implementation to use with cennznet

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import cennznetWallet from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cennznet/wallet';



a wallet and a payload signer for cennznet


Create a Wallet with HD-Keyring

const {Wallet} = require('@cennznet/wallet');

const wallet = new Wallet();
await wallet.createNewVault('a passphrase');
//By default it comes with a HD Keyring

Backup your wallet

const backup = await wallet.export('a passphrase');
// [{mnemonic, numberOfAccounts,hdPath}]

Reload your wallet

vault = wallet.vault;
wallet2 = new Wallet({vault});
//add keyringTypes: [HDKeyring, SimpleKeyring] if SimpleKeyring is used
await wallet2.unlock(<same passphrase>)

Restore wallet and reset password

mnemonic='ready whisper vapor penalty load gesture elite brick select light caution clever';
hdKeyring=new HDKeyring({mnemonic});
wallet = new Wallet();
wallet.createNewVaultAndRestore('newpass', [hdKeyring]);

Backup an account

const json = await wallet.exportAccount(address, passphrase);

Import single account

const TEST_ACCOUNT = {
    seed: '0x3cf2ec6ffd26587529ab06c82ba9b33110198085f5c6b8d882653d056bf9e0d3',
    address: '5DHzypfuQH7FPhCsrqMxpxkBaPHe8QNhc5s1PwEMDc5p5Nb7',
    publicKey: '0x366010e706af618a6037731b07663d4b6f10eac201c7fdd5fb0bd4727742524d',
    mnemonic: 'insane push cradle toilet token gate chair trim spare blush rebuild top',
const keyring = new SimpleKeyring();
await keyring.addPair(alice);
await wallet.addKeyring(keyring);


await wallet.lock();
// methods marked as @requireUnlocked such as sign, addAccount and etc will fail
await wallet.unlock(passphrase);

generate random account via the default keyring

const address = await wallet.addAccount();

assigned as @cennznet/api's payload signer


check API Document for more details.