react components used by centreon web frontend

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  import centreonReactComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@centreon/react-components';



A repository of Centreon UI Components


To lint the code with ESlint, run:

npm run eslint

You can also fix fixable linter errors by running:

npm run eslint:fix


You are using Storybook to visualize our components through stories.

To start Storybook server, run:

npm run storybook


We have two kind of tests:

  • Unit tests provided by Jest
  • End to End tests provided by Storyshot using Jest. Storyshot is an addon of Storybook that compares graphically our stories.

To run Unit tests:

npm run test


npm test


npm t

To run End to End tests:

  • Build Storybook : npm run build:storybook
  • Run all Storyshot tests : npm run test:storyshot

You can also test one or more Components using the following syntax:

npm run test:storyshot -- "Title" # Run Storyshot tests about Title component
npm run test:storyshot -- "Breadcrumb|Title" # Run Storyshot tests about Title and Breadcrumb components