JSONata node for Ignite

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  import cgigniteIgniteJsonata from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@cgignite/ignite-jsonata';



Node-RED node for JSONata Dynamically set the JSONata query and run over a JSON string returning the result within the message.

Message Inputs

  • msg.payload (default) = JSON string to be queried. This can be change within the node options
  • msg.jsonata = JSONata query to be used.

Message Outputs

  • msg.jsonataResult (String) = The result returned. Only returned if the JSONata query is successful otherwise will be undefined.
  • msg.jsonataStatus (String) = The status message, success or errored returned.
  • msg.jsonataByMsg (Boolean) = The message (msg.jsonata) JSONata query was used, returning true. False, if the node options (JSONata Query) was utlised. Only defined when a result (msg.jsonataResult) is returned.

Message Status

The status returned either on the message (msg.jsonataStatus) or displayed below the node when executed.

  • Success, Successful query and the msg.jsonataResult with have the result.
  • No JSONata result, The JSONata query provided no result when queried.
  • No JSONata provided, The JSONata query is missing from the message (msg.jsonata) or not set in the node options (JSONata Query).
  • Invalid JSON string, JSON string provided is invalid or malformed.
  • No JSON string provided, JSON string is missing from the message (msg.payload, default).


When JSONata is set within the message (msg.jsonata) and the node options (JSONata Query) the message (msg.jsonata) has priority, the JSONata query in the node options will be ignored. Allowing a static JSONata query to be set and dynamically changed as required.


Ignite Platform Team