The lazy integration tool for RESTful interfaces

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Drowsy is a universal REST client that makes integrating with services so wonderfully simple, you'll probably forget you're talking to an API after all. Think gRPC or SOAP, but for REST.


This is the perfect tool for any prototype project or proof-of-concept application needing to integrate quickly with RESTful APIs, but it's also ideally suited as a convenience tool in larger projects that too rely on RESTful interfaces. Gone are the days of defining an API client with a restricted set of methods, and gone too are the days of boilerplate request handling in small and large code bases alike.

Drowsy just needs to know the hostname for the API you wish to consume, and off you go.

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Below is a super simple example demonstrating how easy it can be to retrieve the first page of public Gists currently available on GitHub.

const github = drowsy(request, "https://api.github.com/");

  headers: {
    "User-Agent": "Octo-app"

By calling the method getGists you're infact performing a GET request to the endpoint "/gists" through the handler provided (in this case, Request). The handler returns a Promise that will, hopefully, resolve in a timely fashion with the first page of public Gists found on GitHub.


This awesome project is released under the MIT License. Enjoy responsibly ✌️