A React Context wrapper for Blocknative OnbardJS with a couple of utility functions

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<script type="module">
  import chainsafeWeb3Context from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@chainsafe/web3-context';



A React Context wrapper for Blocknative OnbardJS

How to use

Wrap you application in a

<Web3Provider networkIds={[1]}>

The following props can be passed in to configure the Web3 Provider:

  onboardConfig?: OnboardConfig; // The OnboardJS Configuration object - See [here](https://docs.blocknative.com/onboard#built-in-modules)
  networkIds?: number[]; // Defaults to 1 if nothing is provided
  ethGasStationApiKey?: string;
  gasPricePollingInterval?: number; //Seconds between gas price polls. Defaults to 0 - Disabled
  gasPriceSetting?: EthGasStationSettings | EtherchainGasSettings;
  tokensToWatch?: TokensToWatch; // Network-keyed collection of token addresses to watch
  spenderAddress?: string;
  cacheWalletSelection?: boolean;
  checkNetwork?: boolean; // Defaults to true if networkIds are provided
  children: React.ReactNode;

Anywhere further down the component tree, use:

  const {address} = useWeb3();

Take a look at the example folder for a basic implementation of the components.

Happy Building ♡